JetPeel Treatments

Under-eye Circles

The powerful jet stream composed of renewing properties can be effective for remedying the coloration and puffiness caused by under-eye circles. Treatments work to penetrate the skin and activate lymphatic drainage and cell oxygenation within your skin.


JetPeel is a needle-free and non-invasive solution for treating hyperhidrosis. Treatments are performed with the use of Germany’s premiere wrinkle reducer, Xeomin. It is painlessly infused into the skin and works to freeze the glands responsible for excessive sweating.

Pre-Procedure Anesthetic

JetPeel’s unique system is redefining pre-procedure numbing methods of topical anesthesia by eliminating long wait times. The advanced system enables the ability to instantly infuse Lidocaine deep into the skin for a much quicker effect.

Pre-IPL and Radiofrequency

Using JetPeel to exfoliate & hydrate skin prior to treatments can provide optimal results. When skin is exfoliated and smooth, it prevents scattering of optical energy for improved overall skin revitalization and customer satisfaction.

Blackheads and Milia

JetPeel technology infuses the skin with clarifying nutrients that are successful at addressing common skin concerns such as blackheads and milia. Treatments work to actively renew the surface and appearance of skin for a vibrant glow.

Wound Healing

JetPeel system delivers essential vitamins and healing nutrients for post ablative fractional laser treatments. The healing properties provided can successfully promote recovery for enhanced results.

Needle-free PRP Delivery

Skin rejuvenating PRP treatments work to promote restoration and youthfulness of skin from the inside out. With the revolutionary JetPeel, you can now receive PRP treatments without the use of needles. JetPeel works to infuse the PRP serum deep within skin for replenishing results.

Hair Restoration

JetPeel technology has enabled a non-invasive hair restoration treatment with no downtime required. The specialized device infuses the scalp with Minoxidil, PRP, peptides, and essential nutrients for regenerating hair growth.

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